LearnLux Report: Financial Wellbeing in the Workplace 2024 Edition

Explore data and insights from 10,000 employees and their money.

How are employees feeling, financially? Unlock an insider look at full-time workers and their money.

Financial goals, fears, plans, and the most impactful features of financial wellbeing programs are represented for 2024 in this third edition of the report.

The employee financial wellbeing report includes:

  • Thousands of aggregated and anonymized data points from 2022 to 2023 via the LearnLux financial wellbeing platform
  • Employee demographics that span all incomes, life stages, and levels of financial confidence
  • Analysis that covers seven key categories including Engagement, Financial Stress, Employee Goals, Financial Checkup, Certified Financial Planner™ Insights, Measurable Financial Health Outcomes, and LearnLux Member Stories
  • Actionable insights for employers and consultants alike to turn data into strategy

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